Monday, December 23, 2013

One ring to rule them all...

Wedding rings..... such small things but sometimes they can lead to big trouble!
Once I was shooting my ring shot (rings on the pillow with bouquet behind it). I usually shoot them in the waiting room by the door but since it was getting dark, I moved my chair to the exit. When I'm moving the chair, one of the rings falls off towards the ground! The ground is boards with spacing between the boards, but really small space. I decide to just let the ring fall and pick it up when it stops. So I watch it fall, bounce, bounce, turn sideways and like a coin in a piggy bank, falls right between the slots!!! I'm like OMG!! I look thru the slot and just by luck, thru the sliver of light I can see the ring laying on a board beneath the top boards!! Whew, I thought for sure it fell under the house with no way of getting under to get it!

Now I have to figure out how to get the ring out from under there before the wedding starts!! I hunt everywhere for something I can use and find a hanger! I bend it into a hook and slowly I drag the ring out!! Saved!!! After that I never went outside anymore!!

But, another photographer had same thing happen to them ( I wasnt there) and they couldnt get the rings out! They had to call maintenance to come and remove all the boards to fish the ring out!! Think the wedding started over an hour late.
Once one of the coordinators lost the rings when she walked from the waiting room to the chapel. They had to get all the coordinators to go hunt for it! Luckily they found it in some grass so now they carry the ring over in a basket in the ring box.
One of the other photographers told us about his ring shot. The brides ring cost $100,000!! It was a ring with 1 carat diamonds around the whole thing! Super beautiful ring but the groom wouldn't let it out of his sight!! When the photographer was shooting it, he had to follow him to guard the ring!! Is that crazy or what? How can the bride even wear the thing if he's going to be so worried about it?
 A couple of times my couples forget their wedding rings  at the hotel.  With a one hour timetable we don't have time to go back to hotel to get it so we "borrow" rings from anyone to use for the wedding. My rings (I wear two) have been married 3 or 4 times already!! Now, if the couple forgets their rings, they send someone back to get them, setting our weddings back a long, long time!!! One of the other chapels has a couple of fake rings for the to use. Smart idea!
I've had big rings (big enough for me to fit two fingers in it) and really tiny, tiny rings! So small I couldn't fit the first knuckle of my pinky thru it! I've had gold, platinum, silver, titanium, hand made rings, super fancy ones covered in diamonds, super cheap looking ones, even some I swear are made out of plastic. I've had blue rings, purple rings, yellow, pink, gold, white, black and even rainbow colored ones. Cartier, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, and a ton of Japanese designer ones. Beautiful ones and old worn, beat up ugly rings.  Its always exciting to see what kind of ring I get to play with each wedding!

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