Sunday, December 22, 2013

How do I love thee....

Today I had a really rare groom, an affectionate one!! Every time I told them to look at each other, he'd kiss the bride on the cheek! Id laugh and the bride would blush. Japanese men usually are never affectionate... hmmm more like Japanese people in general don't show it I guess in public so was a welcome change to have such a happy groom.
I sometimes get a groom who seems like they don't wanna be there at all. When they walk, the groom walks a few feet in front of the bride. I end up telling them"TOGETHER!!" lol.
I once had a groom that really didnt want to be there! I was doing the ring shots and the grooms ring was a washer! The kind you buy at the hardware store. I felt kind of funny shooting that as the ring shots but you gotta shoot what you're given. And, right after the wedding I saw him slide it off and put it in his pocket. He had no interest in picture taking but the bride was soo in love.... kind of felt sorry for her...
oo, off topic but I once had a groom whos "wedding ring" was a nice, new Rolex watch! Now thats what I call a good ring! Bet her never had a problem wearing that one every day!

Speaking of grooms, no clue why but I sometimes get grooms who are wearing makeup! I mean like a heavy foundation and lip stick!! No idea how the makeup artist or bride talked him into wearing that! And I used to get a ton of grooms who pluck their eyebrows! Is that a Japanese thing? I've never seen any white people doing that..

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