Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another day, another wedding...

Day after black friday and I'm tired!! Got lucky and had a later wedding (3pm). We did the beach first so I always try not to get the dress dirty so I don't "ruin" the wedding. Got lucky some more and it was low tide so I could take them on the beach to get some shots. At the beach I shoot, when its high tide, the dry sand section is like 2 feet wide so really cant get any nice shots. And with all the broken sticks and junk, I don't want to even bother taking any since it will take me all night to photoshop out the junk.

Today's bride was pretty and tall! Like probably 5'5" or so. Groom was handsome too so nice looking couple and they both spoke perfect English!  Only problem when I shoot is I usually never think of the groom as a person but more like a prop for the brides pictures! I tell him come here, take shot then tell him go away lol.   Half the time I forgot to take shots of the groom by himself....

My usual shots are bride on beach by herself, close up. Couple shot, talking on the beach, bride sitting in sand, couple sitting hmmm different backgrounds so they don't all look the same. Hard part is the sun is pretty bright on the beach so you have to either get lucky and the suns in the right spot and the winds blowing in the right direction so you can get away with out flash. But, usually ill have to blast my flash to try fill in the shadows. I hate bags under eyes and dead eyes!! Thats why I use a Metz 60 ct4 flash. A huge old manual flash that has external battery pack and these heavy lead batteries. Don't drop on of those batteries on you foot because it hurts!!

Finished with beach and off to the wedding. I found out we have like a dozen guest but this time, no family, just friends. Amazing part is almost all the girls were super tall!! With shoes on they were almost 6 feet tall!! I thought they worked at like a bar or something but coordinator said they are friends and all work different places.. I had one wedding once with all tall, pretty girls that were hostesss sss? how you spell that? hostess's And all but one of the girls was single! When I think about it, I've had a bunch of weddings where the bride is taller then the groom. Somehow the Japanese girls are out growing the guys!!

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