Thursday, December 5, 2013

Till death do we part...

December 2nd

Had a wedding today at 11am all the way at Koolina. Long drive from town for just one wedding..Todays order was a large album but problem was there was only a couple! Makes it a lot harder to shoot your 1k shots of just a couple. Idea is to keep shooting!! Every step they take lol.

Also got lucky and I had a really pretty bride and fun groom. Thats what makes your life easy, nice fun couples who do anything you ask. Junk part is they didnt order many options that the company offers like fake cake cutting (don't ask me who thought of that), toasting (with soda), lei exchange etc just a flower shower.

In order we do arrival, the limo shot, few shots in front of church,  few shots of bride inside. I used to shoot them in front of tall mirror that came out pretty nicely but they said the mirrors ugly so now I have to shoot them in front of the bathrooms... How romantic! Then we do some shots of the minister talking to couple. Then ceremony, flower shower, then beach shots.

Nothing exciting happened tho just fun couple enjoying their wedding in Hawaii!! The "fun" happened afterwards. I was putting my camera in my car after I was finished with my wedding when I saw an ambulance by the beach. Then I heard a firetruck coming so I went back to go see whats happening. As I was walking towards the beach I saw the next couple so I told their coordinator I'm going to check it out because I think someone drowned.  Sure enough the ambulance guys and the firemen were working on some poor guy who drowned so I motioned to the coordinators to don't come to regular spot but go more down the beach away from the firemen. Sure enough, they bring the couple to wrong spot... when they carried the poor drowned guy to ambulance, they carried him right in front of the next couple.. What a great thing to see during your wedding.....

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