Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rainy days and mondays....

Checked the weather report night before and they said thunder showers!! Heavy rains!!! Next morning looked out side and it was pretty dark in town but not raining. Headed off to my wedding and was greeted with dark, black skies!! As I got closer to the church, the skies came darker and it was raining!!!  Nothing can make a wedding harder then rain!
So far out of all my weddings, I dont have very many rainouts. Usually it stops or theres a brief time when I can make a mad dash outside and get a few shots. Today sure didnt look like it would be stopping! There was even an occasional thunder..

The main problem shooting when it rains it rain! lol Cameras weren't made to be shot in pouring rain. I had my jacket on but the just keeps my dry, the camera would get soaked everytime I take it out for a shot. At some chapels, the coordinator will come hold an umbrella for you but not this chapel. You were on your own!! And, another bad thing is shooting flash with rain. Any rain gets into your flash and its fried! Had a few zap out on my in the rain.

Couple come and its pouring but this is a large album so I need a lot of shots! At least 800 or so, so I tell the coordinators that I need to shoot a few near the limo, nothing fancy. just pop a few of the bride and groom sitting in the car etc. I shoot and get soaked! then I run for some cover and try to get them walking but hard to focus thru the rain.

Fast forward and we are done with the ceremony and I look outside and its almost stopped! I shoot as fast as I can and say lets go!! We get them leaving chapel, then get the limo shot (wipes brow) since its one of the "important" shots. We skip the gazebo shots and make a mad dash towards the beach. I get a nice wide shot on some stairs with grey skies and coconut trees then move to the next shot with  a few more coconut trees, when this super cold, strong wind starts blowing. It was freezing! I felt sorry for the bride but I kept asking them if its okay! I was lucky and I had an awesome couple who didnt mind getting a bit wet!
We head off for the beach and by this time my poor couple are running with me haha. I tell them they don't have to run, I'm rushing to get in front to get a few walking shots. We get to the beach, get a few shots when here comes the rain!!! Suck part is we had ONE umbrella! It wouldn't even cover the poor bride.
I said lets go back to the gazebo and get shots under it since it had a roof. My poor bride is getting soaked so the videographer and me try to block the rain/wind with our jackets and bodies. It didn't work... We get under the gazebo and I set up bride for a few shots.Can you believe it the roof leaks? It didn't stop much rain at all and when I try to get a shot, I back up and the water running off the roof just soaks me and my poor camera! I rush a few shots of bride and groom and between shots Im trying to dry off the bride with some paper towels I carry in my pocket. I ask coordinator can she go get towel, but she doesnt so the videographer runs over and like superman saves the day!! Oh, don't get me wrong, the coordinator was doing her best trying to help, but usually on rainy days we get other coordinators to come over and help with umbrellas.... Not today !!
i check my cameras counter and im at like 500-600 shots! Really not enough but I said forget it already. My poor bride is a soaked mess but happy, my groom is wet but he was having fun so I tell them time to go!!
I'm so glad I had an awesome couple who didn't mind the weather to at least try get some nice .... kind of nice shots. I think it would have sucked to shoot all the shots in the chapel and they get zero outside...

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