Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!! No break for me...

Happy Thanksgiving! No day off for me! For some odd reason today is a busy day for Japanese weddings. I had to shoot 2 weddings ...
First one was at 9am!! I hate the early weddings since I can never wake up..I had a nice easy couple, a nice small package... let me explain on our packages.
We have basically 3 different shoots.  A small one where they get like 40 shots, a medium where they get about 70 shots  and the large album which needs about 180 shots. Both medium and small are about the same. Just add in a few more closeups and few more group shots. And do a lot of the shots horizontally and vertically! The large albums are the ones that run you out of time quickly! To get the 180 shots you have to shoot almost 1,000!! try do that in an hour!!

Back to my 9am wedding.. easy couple a bit older then usual. Usually my couples are in their 20s prob average like upper? I get some young, some super young and older ones too. This couple was prob in early 40s. Nice couple but once we got to the beach, the bride stopped smiling and would just smile with mouth closed. Think the beach was too bright and it was hot! Only thing was she had one crooked tooth that showed when she smiled and you could only see that...

Long ago when I shot weddings, lots of the Japan girls had really crooked teeth. But it was cute to me so I never noticed by more lately, they've been going American? You know, straight white teeth. I have lots with braces etc.. And for some reason, they've been growing taller too. I used to tower over them and would have to bend down to keep my camera at chest level but now I have a lot that are almost as tall as me!! Oops, forgot to mention but I'm about 6ft with my shoes on. I keep telling everyone its because McDonalds came to Japan!!

My second wedding was at 2pm so I had a nice break to watch a little football before the wedding. Only thing about watching tv between weddings is you get into the show and right near the ending, the couple arrives!!! I missed the ending of so many shows, I don't bother watching tv at the church any more!

Second couple arrives and I notice my bride is pregnant. Usually on our fax it will be on there so I know that before hand because sometimes (most times) you cant tell at all. Japanese girls don't seem to show as much as American girls... This one was probably 7 months or so since you could see a bit of the tummy.  Im glad she didnt have morning sickness!! I've had sick brides before and its NO fun!!

I'll tell you about one of my worse ones. Bride arrived and wasn't feeling good. She had to go bathroom to throw up. Then we went outside to shoot a few shots before wedding and she threw up. Then during the wedding we had a garbage can just in case. During the after wedding shots she threw up!!  We had to get a beach photo session and I wasn't looking forward to it! She brought a bag just in case and .. yup she threw up. I had to shoot the pictures so I had to do something with the bag. I couldn't throw it away since she might need it so I had to tuck it in my back pocket and shoot!!! I was hoping I didn't get it on my hands or clothes!!!

Back to my 2pm wedding.. Everything went perfectly and during the outside shots, we always do a carry shot ie groom carrying the bride. So, since she was pregnant I asked the coordinator if they wanted to do a carry shot. Coordinator said NO. I said ask them because its a required shot. She still didnt want to ask till I told her again! Some of the coordinators drive me nuts lol And for some odd reason, they think if the groom carries the bride, it will somehow danger the baby or maybe squeeze the baby out? I have no clue so its always a battle to get them to just ask!!

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