Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November 26 wedding

I'll start this off with wedding I shot yesterday. Nice couple with cute bride and really big groom! Usually the grooms from Japan aren't big guys. Don't know if its the diet or just heredity but most are shorter then me and weigh average. This guy was a big guy! My height but like upper 200s?  Pretty easy to shoot couple! Lucky me! Other day I had a bride who wouldnt stop blinking or looking at ground or looking at family! I swear she would look everywhere but at me!! I'd stop shooting and let the family take some shots and she was perfect!!  The groom just wouldnt look at me either or was blinking too!! They were the photographer's nightmare!! I'd shoot the same shot over and over telling them stop blinking, look at me, stop blinking LOOK AT ME!! lol Edit time Id look at first shot, bride blink. second shot, groom looking away, but bride open eyes! Next shot bride blink. forth shot perfect but my flash didn't fire since I was rapid firing..... Drove me crazzyyyy so when I got a nice easy couple, it was like a vacation!!

Only big problem was it was hot and humid!! I was sweating tons and my poor groom was dying! He was almost panting? wheezing? I kept asking are you okay and he said "its hot" lol...I told him you think this is hot? wait till we go to the beach !!!

Beach wasn't that bad luckily and it was a beautiful day.. Fun part was doing a sit down shot and the groom couldn't do that pose because his pants too tight so couldn't bend! Got lucky and the beach wasn't covered in broken sticks and seaweed. High tide and the beach looks like a trash heap with junk all over it.. The company I shoot for don't want any of that in the pictures! But I dont shoot that, they don't get any beach shots!!.. oh well.....

sorry no pictures (yet), the company I shoot for owns the pictures so I can't post them up. I'll try photoshop them so you can't tell who's in them and add a few...

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