Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! What a crappy day.....

Just short post since its now New Years day but on Monday I had a wedding with beach. Super nice couple but weather was kind of junk. Looked like it was going to pour. Hard part is it was a large package with only a couple! My worse nightmare!! So many shots with just a couple in such a short time.. We finished up at church and went to the beach. Luckily it stopped raining, just dark clouds overhead.

After a few shots on the beach, I went to do the bride sitting down on the sand. Usually the company I shoot for don't want any sticks or seaweed in the shots so I try to clean up the mess. It was low tide so there weren't too many. Right next to the bride was a piece of what I thought was soggy drift wood. I picked it up to toss it, and noticed it didn't look like drift wood. It looked like a piece of... doggy poo!!! As I slowly walked to my shooting spot and slowly raised my hand to take a whiff and... it was dog crap!!! Darn it!!!

 I kneeled and grabbed a handful of wet sand to try "wash" my hand off. It worked a bit, so I grabbed more and tried again but by now I had to start shooting. After my shots, I grabbed more sand to scrub away my hand and luckily the smell was gone!! Victory!!
When we were walking to the next shot location, I told my couple about my misfortune  and the bride said "OH MY GOD!" haha too funny!!

I remember another "crappy" wedding I had. I was at the same beach and when we finish the photoshoot, last thing I do is clean off the brides shoes so when she gets in the limo, the sand wont get all over the car.

As I was taking off the brides shoes, I saw what I hoped was mud on the bottom half of her shoe... turns out, it wasn't mud! The entire bottom half was covered in dog poo! Or maybe it was a horse because that mess was huge!! I held the shoe up to the couple and was like, what on earth are we going to do? They looked at me like I have to clean it!! The limo driver came over to rush me along and I showed him the mess and he looked at me like "what you want me to do" Ugh!!
Luckily I had some paper towels in my pocket so I asked the limo driver for some water and started to clean up that mess...

It took a while and when I got most of it off (it stained the shoes sides since they were made of silk and white), I said I give up. The bride was happy (I wasn't lol) and they left. Walking to my car I smelt my hand and sure enough, it smelled like dog crap...I walked over to the bathroom to wash up but they had no soap so I just cleaned as much as possible. As I got in the car, I kept smelling dog poo pretty strongly so I looked at the bottom of my shoes, and sure nuff, I stepped in it too!!!!

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